I am in receipt of the 1884 Springfield Rifle that I purchased at your recent auction.  The item was in the precise condition it had been described, the shipment occurred promptly, and the packaging for shipment was superb.  I wanted to thank you for an extremely pleasant overall auction experience.
Firearm Buyer
Dear Darron:  On behalf of the National Auctioneers Association, we want to thank you for presenting at the Greensboro Conference and Show.  The initial evaluations were excellent.  We received many positive comments about the quality of the sessions.  We greatly appreciate all of your hard work and efforts to help take the auctioneering profession to a higher level.
Lois Zielinski, NAA Education Institute
I recently bought items on Proxibid from a sale conducted by Meares Auction Group.  I felt compelled to call them to compliment them for their professionalism. I deal with auctions on a regular basis and this is a top tier Company.The items arrived quickly, carefully packed and in much better condition than the descriptions given and the pictures showed. This was very important to me, because I believe understatement of condition is rare.  Most Sellers rely on overstatement of value and condition, to the detriment of the Buyer. I know that I can trust the Meares evaluation of an item….An Auction Statement was sent to me by mail, after the items had arrived, which was an unusual, but pleasant surprise. The most amazing aspect of the transaction was that Meares actually took the time to pack a long gun in a protective sleeve for shipment. This was the first time that this had ever happened in all of the Auctions in which I had participated….I need not say it, but this puts them head and shoulders above most of the Auction Companies out there.  I have been appalled at the condition of improperly described items and the poor packing techniques for those items when they arrived. I know this will never be the case with Meares. I fully intend to work with this fine Company again.
Dr Kenneth Stewart
I just wanted to say thank you for the AMAZING job you did on Sunday night!. You were GREAT (and so was your son…adorable to say the least!). The event was a huge hit!!! I am getting A LOT of positive feedback!!! I was so proud to be part of something so meaningful and so successful. It’s been a pleasure working with you on this event for the past 3 years. I look forward to working with you again on next year’s event.
Jill Storti, March of Dimes
Thank you all so very much for the many skills, talents, and abilities you all brought to this year’s Cajun Crawl. The organization of the event (and the event itself) was amazing! Your generosity and commitment to Mental Health America’s programs and services makes a huge difference in our outreach to the community. We are indeed blessed to have your leadership and dedication guiding this fine organization….Cajun Crawl was well organized, well attended…and everyone I spoke to had a really great time! The Crawl was impressive — well organized, attractive and fun! Thank you so very much for your amazing support, your enthusiasm for MHAGC and your dedication to making lives impacted by mental health challenges better!
Jayne Crisp, Mental Health America- Cajun Crawl
Meares Auctions was a tremendous help last year as we worked together to liquidate my parents’ estate. Everyone associated with the project was very professional and courteous. Unlike many companies that do not keep you “in the loop”, I was involved throughout the process in making the important decisions. Meares made a difficult and emotional task much more bearable. They performed above and beyond my expectations. I recommend them highly!
Dr. Larry Knighton